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Labor Employment Attorney NJ | Green Savits, LLCExpertise. Employment law is highly complex and constantly changes. It combines elements of constitutional law, commercial litigation, and personal injury practice. The partners at Green Savits, LLC have extensive experience representing employees and have successfully tried cases of age discrimination, race discrimination, sexual harassment, and whistleblower retaliation.

Leadership. The employment attorneys of Green Savits, LLC are committed to protecting employees. The firm’s partners have lobbied state and federal legislatures for laws that provide greater rights for New Jersey employees. Our attorneys also have successfully appeared in eleven New Jersey Supreme Court decisions involving issues such as pregnancy discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, sexual harassment, and punitive damages. The attorneys at Green Savits, LLC work hard to be proactive and effective advocates for all of their clients.

Credibility. Green Savits, LLC conducts a detailed screening process to ensure that our selection of clients and cases preserves our credibility and yours.

Results. Most employers can readily afford to defend claims against them in long, drawn-out court battles. That's why Green Savits, LLC's experience counts. We have the expertise to recognize winning issues, navigate the sea of paper your employer's legal team will generate, effectively strategize around potential legal landmines created by crafty defense counsel, and prosecute your case efficiently and practically. Read more about Our Results.

Practice Areas

Green Savits, LLC serves clients throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. Our team provide comprehensive employment law representation to those facing a wide variety of issues, including the following:

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