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If you suspect you’ve been discriminated against at your job because of your age, you may feel angry, isolated, and unsure of what to do. Laws exist to protect workers against age discrimination. Our experienced employment rights attorneys are here to help you if you think you were:

  • Not given the same opportunities as your peers at the job
  • Passed over for promotions because of your age
  • Harrassed for being an older employee at the organization
  • Demoted because of your age
  • Transferred to a less desirable position or department because of your age
  • Asked to retire early or leave early because of your age
  • Wrongfully discharged on the basis of age

This is not an exhaustive list. Virtually any action an employer takes against an employee on the basis of age could ultimately be discriminatory by law.

It’s up to you and your lawyer to show that your age is the reason you were discriminated against by the employer. These cases can be complex, but we have many years of experience representing people who have been in your shoes. Not only is there the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act addressig this type of discrimination, but there is also New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination. We have lots of experience with these statutes and regulations, and we can determine how they may play a role in your case.

There may be several ways to obtain the best possible resolution to an age discrimination case. These cases don’t always go to court and full litigation, but they may. In other instances, they may be settled out of court in negotiations with the employer. We understand our clients want to know how much time, effort, and heartache will go into resolving the case. We work efficiently but we do not leave any stone unturned in our pursuit of the best possible results.

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