EEOC To Emphasize Enforcing Age Discrimination Law

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So far, it appears the the EEOC during the Trump Presidency will emphasize enforcing the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act which prohbits age discrimination against employees over 40 years old.  See, Age Discrimination Next Up on EEOC’s Radar – Workforce Magazine.  Hopefully, this is not just window dressing but real action.  Studies by labor economists and the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco have found that older job candidates, and in particular women in their 50's, have a much tougher time even in obtaining job interviews than younger job candidates.

Our firm's experience when representing New Jersey individuals in age discrimination cases is that better results are obtained when filing a claim under New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination rather than pursuing a federal claim which first requires filing with the EEOC and then waiting 180 days before a lawsuit can be filed.

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