Eliminating Workplace Sexism By Changing the Culture

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The New York Times just published an article on how GoDaddy is trying to eliminate sexism in the workplace.  This is the same company whose advertising was notoriously salacious and degrading to women.  With the hiring of CEO Blake Irving, the company has engaged in a campaign that looks at everything including criteria for performance evaluations that disfavor women to changing job descriptions that favored implicit male aggression.   To see what GoDaddy is doing, first click on the title of this blog and then click on the word, article.

The tech industry is notorious for its sexist and ageist ways.  If you are employed in the tech industry and experiencing sexist and/or ageist conduct, the attorneys at Green Savits can help.  You can call us at (973) 695-7777 or contact us through our website at the right hand side of this page.