FAQ Series # 3: Does my employer have to give me severance?

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We frequently receive calls from recently terminated employees who want to know if they are entitled to severance pay from their employer upon termination. They are understandably never happy to hear that the answer to that question is no. Generally, employers are not required to pay employees severance at termination with the following exceptions:

  • If a contract between employee and employer provides for severance upon separation; or
  • If an employer has a specific, written policy to provide severance to employees upon separation, the employer must apply that policy.

If you believe your employer is violating your employment contract or refusing to provide you severance consistent with company policy, please contact Green Savits, LLC using the form on this page or call (973) 695 – 7777 today to schedule a consultation.  Even if you are not entitled to severance based on contract or policy but you believe you have been terminated illegally or are experiencing harassment that you can no longer bear, the employment attorneys at Green Savits, LLC may be able to negotiate a severance and/or settlement of your claims.