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October 07, 2014

This blog post is the inaugural of what our firm hopes will become a tradition of discussing workplace issues. This post will lead off with employment issues that we have observed over the past several years in the tech industry. 

Particularly with regard to sales, tech workplaces are usually populated by younger males in their 20's, 30's and 40's who operate in a fraternity like setting, as though their college days have never ended. This makes life very uncomfortable for males who hit their late 40's and 50's and women who choose this line of work.  In fact, the New York Times highlighted how women in tech workforces are forced...

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February 24, 2009

On February 24 and 25, 2009, after a month-long trial, a jury sitting in the Superior Court of New Jersey for Essex County in Newark unanimously found that New Jersey Transit Police Lieutenant Theresa Frizalone was denied four separate promotions to Captain in retaliation for her complaints of gender discrimination. The jury awarded $339,000 in compensatory damages for lost pension and retiree medical benefits, $210,000 in compensatory damages for emotional distress, and $1,000,000 in punitive damages against New Jersey Transit, for a total of $1,549,000 in damages. With a post-trial award of attorneys’ fees and prejudgment interest, the...

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Category: Discrimination
July 15, 2005

In this sex and age discrimination case, plaintiff alleged that she was fired by her employer RCN Corp. in 1998. Plaintiff was the highest-ranking woman in the company when she was fired. Although the trial court dismissed the case saying that plaintiff had not presented sufficient evidence to prove her claims, the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court reversed the lower court’s decision and sent the case back to the lower court for trial. The case then settled in 2005 for approximately $1.3 million.

The Appellate Division decision is attached below.

Dewees Decision - PDF Download

Category: Discrimination