$2.1 million Jury Verdict For Retaliaiton Against Police Sergeants

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On May 2, 2018, partner Jon Green as lead trial counsel together with Laura LoGiudice of our office, co-counsel Lisa Manshel and the firm of Breuninger and Fellman obtained a $2.1 million verdict Newark, NJ federal district court on the behalf of nine police sergeants. The suit was Montone v. City of Jersey City et al.  Our client, Valerie Montone alleged that she was retaliated against for supporting the losing mayoral candidate in a 2004 election and for objecting to sex harassment in the workplace which also included her filing a prior sex harassment lawsuit in 1993. Our client's award was for $276,000 for lost wages and pension loss while the other eight male police sergeants, represented by the Breuninger Fellman firm, received approximately $1,824,000 in lost wages and pension losses.