Severe or Pervasive Conduct in the Workplace

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Workplace harassment can take many forms, but it is essentially workplace conduct by supervisors and/or co-workers that is directed at an employee because of the employee’s legally protected status (such as gender, race, age, or disability) and negatively affects an employee’s work environment.

When New Jersey courts are asked to decide whether harassment is serious enough to violate the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, they utilize what is known as a "severe or pervasive" test.

Types of Conduct

  • "Severe harassment" may happen in one episode if it involves a particularly offensive comment or some sort of physical touching.
  • "Pervasive harassment" involves less serious conduct that happens frequently over a long period of time. When deciding whether harassment is severe or pervasive or not, courts look at whether the harassment has changed the employee’s working conditions.

Workplace harassment does not have to be directed at the employee filing the claim. An employee can bring a workplace harassment claim based on conduct directed at other employees with a similar status or characteristic to the employee who is bringing the claim (such as a woman bringing a sexual harassment claim based on how other women in the workplace were treated).

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