Tech's EEO Problems

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This blog post is the inaugural of what our firm hopes will become a tradition of discussing workplace issues. This post will lead off with employment issues that we have observed over the past several years in the tech industry. 

Particularly with regard to sales, tech workplaces are usually populated by younger males in their 20's, 30's and 40's who operate in a fraternity like setting, as though their college days have never ended. This makes life very uncomfortable for males who hit their late 40's and 50's and women who choose this line of work.  In fact, the New York Times highlighted how women in tech workforces are forced to endure the "bro culture" that is prevalent in tech companies.  The April 2014 article, i.e., "Tech's Man Problem", discusses the sexism in tech force workplaces.  Interestingly, and perhaps sadly, the ages attributed to the individuals interviewed are no older than age 40; although in fairness to the Times reporter, she was concentrating on women employees' experience at tech employers.

It is no better for male employees in their mid to late 40's. From our experience, older tech workers, especially in sales, are perceived to lose their tech mojo and are no longer wanted members of the "frat house". Older employers are left out of work related social gatherings and/or are made to feel uncomfortable if they do attend.  As things stand now, many older sales employees are forced out due to contrived shrinking sales territories and correspondingly unreasonable rising quotas and are consigned to become independent consultants.  Even less experienced but younger candidates are favored over older, experienced and very able employees.

Hopefully, senior managers and CEO's at tech companies will wake up and conclude that state and federal anti-discrimination laws apply to their companies also.  Our country's new entrepenuers can be masters of the universe without treating women and older employees with derision and contempt. 

Posted by Jon Green