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Constructive Discharge in New Jersey | Green Savits LLC When an employer communicates to you that you are being fired, then you are actually being discharged. However, there are times that an employer’s conduct forces an employee to quit. As explained below, that type of resignation may be treated as though the employee was fired.

Constructive Discharge within the Harassment Context

A workplace harassment victim must prove that the employer’s conduct was so outrageous, coercive or unconscionable that any reasonable employee would have quit under the same circumstances to establish what is called "constructive discharge" (meaning that the law construes the quit as a firing).

This may be proved by looking at:

This is a very high legal burden to meet, as the New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that an employee should do everything she/he can within reason to remain employed.

Constructive Discharge within a Contract Context

The vast majority of employees are employed at will. This means an employee can be fired for any reason unless the motivation behind the firing violates a law, or if the firing violates a written employment contract.

New Jersey courts have held that where an employee enters into a written contract for a specific period of time with an employer to perform a specific job and/or job duties and if the employer changes the job title and reduces the employee's job responsibilities without the employee’s permission, then the employee may resign and sue for breach of contract on a constructive discharge claim.

Medical Inability to Work

If the employee can show that the employer’s unlawful conduct caused the employee to suffer from a medical and/or psychiatric condition that prevents her/him from working, then the employee can quit and recover his or her lost pay and benefits as though he or she was fired. This requires expert medical or psychiatric testimony.

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