Overtime Labor Law - Wage and Hour Violations

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Both the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the New Jersey Wage and Hour Law require employers to pay a minimum wage for all time worked, with a time-and-a-half overtime premium for hours worked in excess of forty in a week if the employee does not fit into one of the following exempt categories:

  • Executives
  • Administrative employees
  • Professional employees
  • Outside sales representatives
  • Skilled computer employees

Employers sometimes misclassify employees as exempt and fail to pay them time-and-a-half for work performed over 40 hours per week even though they are legally entitled to such overtime compensation. Green Savits, LLC represents employees in overtime claims and claims for unpaid wages, including commission and bonus claims.

The attorneys at Green Savits, LLC have extensive experience representing employees in federal and state trial and appellate courts who have been denied minimum wages, overtime compensation, bonuses or commissions to which they are entitled.

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